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released June 23, 2013



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Backflip Lisboa, Portugal

BackFlip is a hardcore band from Lisbon, Portugal est. in 2008. They play high energetic hardcore songs with sing-a-long choruses, punishing beat-down and melodic riffs all based on various influences.
we've played with bands such as No Turning Back, Vera Cruz, Dog Eat Dog, We Ride, as well as Portuguese bandas like For The Glory, Devil in Me, Switchtense...

yours truly
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Track Name: Stand up tall
~Stand up tall~

When you open your heart

It takes balls for what lies ahead

You start facing things like you

Own the world in teh palm of your hand

The thing is, everything has an end

Nothing last forever.

You get down, and you get hurt

But you've got your crew and your family support

Life passes you by like a non stoping train

Whit some pretty views that stay memorized

Have a glass of wine, and enjoy teh ride!

Laugh when you have to

Cry when you need to

But stay fit and stay strong anywhere you go

Cuz' in teh end it's all about

"Out with the old and in with the new"

New ticket, new journey

Feel good about it!

Play safe but make sure you'll dry out your bottle

'Till it's last drop, 'till your last breath

Don't let your self stay behind

No second chances allowed!
Track Name: Yours truly
~Yours trully~

Trust your love to noone

'Cuz everyone's the one till the one falls down

It's fucked up to awake from a dream

That belonged to us so safe

In our hearts and in our minds

That are memories that last

When love, and friendship vanishes in thin air.

Try to hold on to your best

Try to maitain your feet on the ground

And if you ever need some extra straight

Call my name and i'll reach out.
Track Name: Fandango

I've danced

When they are making some plot

Eyes are closed

But I walk not by my will

And I still have been shot

And headed straight to the rocks

I wake up in my bed confused between

Nightmare and reality.

Barely breathing thinking

I don't want to have to be

Dragged into insanity.

It can't affect my will

I'ts a matter of trust

I'ts a matter of trust, and we must

Make no mistake.
Track Name: Am I right?
~Am I right?~

We fight, we scream

We make our voices crash into

What society wants

We're here to stand our ground

Never look back!

Fucking parasites

Trying to rule the worl

By getting their pockets filled

We struggle each day just to get by

This is the feeling, this is the life

We want to live

Earning our respect in this fucked up


When we get together we bring the

Mother fucking house down

Cuz our voices united work like a

Thunder rising up into the sky

Track Name: Cut the bullshit
~Cut th'a bullshit~

Sometime I get sick of all your

Asses hanging around

Why can't I be who I am

Not being judged by you?

I am not standing here by your conducts

Of how to act and dress

You've got to cut the bullshit

cuz some of us are getting tired of it

why do you even care?

Am I fake just because I feel music

My own way

Just because I listen to more than HC shit?

I live this feeling everyday

Fuck off you and you're elite puppys

I'll stand my ground as long as I can

Being my fucking self

You've got to cut the bullshit

Cuz some of us are getting tired of it!

Sometimes I get sick

Of all your asses hanging around

Why can't I be who I am?

Not being judge by you?
Track Name: Les serpents
~Les Serpents~

When you carefully watch your back

They enter in your front door

The truth theatre falls

And we stand holding the true moments

Nothing can turn all black

Everything has a reason to hold your floor

Nothing can turn all black

And I mean that someone can turn the light on.

Don't let them bite you with venom of isolation

'Cuz you don't have to be all alone

And I stand my arm to hold you!

Don't let them bite you

with venom of isolation

Don't let them bite you!

with venom of isolation

You think I give a shit?

Stay fucking aside!

When you carefully watch your back

They enter in your front door

And the truth theatre falls.